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Precious Collectibles started with a personal story. I purchased a magnificent statue of Donald Duck on his drums. This big statue, was my first big figure. I found it in the local flower store, where i got the weekly fresh flowers for my partner. I nagged the store owner for over a year to sell it to me. Because for me it was a physical reminder of the great moments i had with my father. Him reading the newspaper and me reading the Donald Duck.​
After buying this unique statue i started to look for information. Who made this, when was it made? When i found out Donald was part of i set, i wanted to have the entire set. It took me about 8 years to complete the set. The more i found out about these statues, the more i started to appreciate the art in them. And so it started.
The collection has grown to a gorgeous collection, loved by many collectors. But also family, friends and strangers who come to our home fall in love with the collection. Our collection makes every visitor in our home smile. A lot of them share personal stories about memories of their lifes with one or more of the characters in our home.
This is also how it is for us. Collecting is not about wanting or needing. But about love for art and moments. Moments with family and friends.About what the items represent. The le
lessons we can learn about the characters and movies who are represented in the items.
And let's be honest, some items are just incredibly cool
Symphony Hour big figurines
Symphony Hour is a short film, made by Walt Disney. This film was produced in 1942 and it is one of the many Disney Classics. In this movie Mickey Mouse conducts a orchestra. This orchestra performs Light Cavalry Overture. 
These statues where made after the movies. A common mistake is that these statues where store displays. A lot of people think that they where used as promotional material for the set made by the Walt Disney Classic Collection (WDCC).
In fact these statues where designed by Stefan Toth and produced for Walt Disney. The statues where produced in the late 80's. The set consist of Mickey the conductor, Clarabella on the violin, Goofy on the bassoon and Donald on the drums. They where for sale just like every other kind of big figurines, but not many where sold.
Another common mistake is that the 3D painting is part of the set. The 3D painting was made in 2001 in limited edition. Designed by Kazama. But this makes a great  addition for the set.

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