About Precious Collectibles
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Precious Collectibles is a prominent, unique place for your pre owned collectibles. Whether they are from 1930 or today, we love it. We select only the highest possible quality. We sell among other; Walt Disney, Looney Tunes, Tex Avery, King Features, Curiosa and much more.

Our passion is connecting collectors and collectibles. If we do not have it online, we might have it in storage. If we do not have it in storage, we can help you find it. 

​We are modern in our presentation. We have a wonderfull, ever growing gallery in our shop. So you can see as much of the wonderfull world of collectibles as possible. We also have a magnificent, ever growing video gallery. So you can look at the items from every angle. For the pictures we use a professional, high quality camera and professional daylight lamps. This so you can zoom in to see every detail of the product.

Become a member of our shop and enjoy the extra possibilities. Add collectibles to your personal wishlist. Select and add your own data for a easier check out. Find all your orders at one place. Enjoy members only discounts, sneak previews and much more.

We are old school in service. You ask, we answer. By e-mail, whatsapp and the phone. We are here for you.

There is a lot more to tell, in word and image. Take a look around, be our guest. 


On a personal note...
Precious Collectibles started with a personal story. I purchased a magnificent statue of Donald Duck on his drums. This big statue, was my first big figure. I found it in the local flower store, where i got the weekly fresh flowers for my partner. I nagged the store owner for over a year to sell it to me. Because for me it was a physical reminder of the great moments i had with my father. Him reading the newspaper and me reading the Donald Duck.​
After buying this unique statue i started to look for information. Who made this, when was it made? When i found out Donald was part of i set, i wanted to have the entire set. It took me about 8 years to complete the set. The more i found out about these statues, the more i started to appreciate the art in them. And so it started.
The collection has grown to a gorgeous collection, loved by many collectors. But also family, friends and strangers who come to our home fall in love with the collection. Our collection makes every visitor in our home smile. A lot of them share personal stories about memories of their lifes with one or more of the characters in our home.
This is also how it is for us. Collecting is not about wanting or needing. But about love for art and moments. Moments with family and friends.About what the items represent. The le
lessons we can learn about the characters and movies who are represented in the items.
And let's be honest, some items are just incredibly cool