Big figurine garden statues

Updated: Feb 24

Around the turn of the millenium Walt Disney created a serie of garden statues. All these statues where so called big figurines. Every statue was made of high quality Polyresin and handpainted. Their weights vary from a few kilogram to over 10 kilogram. The biggest statue consist out of two parts and measures an incredible lenght of over 1 meter in total.

Most of these statues are highly coveted by collectors and extremely rare. When you look at the statues you understand why. From the lazy Donald Duck to the hard working Mickey Mouse, every statue has its own charm.

This serie of statues has been produced two times. One time was a open production. This means that nobody knows how many there where produced. And one time was a numbered limited edition production. This edition was without a total number of produced items.

One of these times was for Heissner. Heissner is a company that has been founded in 1872. This company had their focus on producing garden products for humans. They produced the statues in a numbered limited edition. One statue was created exclusively for collectors. This statue was Scrooge McDuck standing on a treasure chest with a shovel in his hands.

To get this statue you had to send a group picture of at least 3 Walt Disney statues in your garden. You had to write down the acticle number of those statues. This picture and the information you had to send to Heissner. Only this way you could order this Scrooge McDuck statue.

This line of statues consist out of:

* Donald Duck with a lawn mower

* Donald Duck asleep in his hammock

* Minnie Mouse on a swing

* Mickey Mouse with a wheelbarrow

* Mickey Mouse eating a apple

* Mickey Mouse in a rowing boat

* Pluto digging up a bone

* Goofy fishing

* Goofy resting on a bench

* Scrooge McDuck digging up a treasure

Later there has been created another line of garden statues. This one consist out of:

* Mickey Mouse digging

* Minnie Mouse with a watering can

* Pluto with a flower pot on his head

* Goofy attending a flower

* Donald Duck pulling out weed

* Donald Duck diving

* Scrooge McDuck reading in a tree trunk

To our knowledge this is the complete line of these statues. If you have any corrections and/or additional information, just contact us. We always love to hear your thoughts.


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