Brass Walt Disney items by GATCO

Updated: Mar 15

Gatco was founded in 1975. The Italian office of GATCO was a buying office for foreign companies. The production of their products was done by craftsmen. GATCO bought them, then sold them to their various customers.

GATCO sold the brass Walt Disney items to GATCO di S. Franciso. This was their customers wholesaler. From here the brass Walt Disney line was distributed to retail, who sold them to their customers. The brass Walt Disney line was produced and sold since the 70's.

When you look at the magnificent products that where produced, you can see the craftsmanship. In, among other, a magnificent relief, which show some of the most populair Walt Disney characters like; Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Scrooge McDuck, Huey. Dewey and Louie. These products are produced in brass.

The product line includes among other;

* Pen Containers

* Wall Brackets

* Letter Holders

* Piggy Banks

* Picture Frames

Take a look at several of these brass Walt Disney items in our Gallery. And do not forget to see the Walt Disney section in our webshop. Here you can see the availabilty of these magnificent and unique products.

Brass Piggy bank (money box) of Donald Duck


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