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The artwork of Jie Art Walt Disney Collection was produced by Jie-Keramik AB. The history of this company starts in 1942. The founder of this company was John Evert ''Jie'' Johnson. The Company started with producing small household items. Through the years the company grew and new artists joined the company. With the arrival of these new artist, new kind of products where produced. Most product where decorated household items. Sadly, the company went bankrupt in 1992.

Jie Art started producing their Walt Disney art around the 1990's. The 3D wall artworks of Jie Art where produced of Polyresin sculptures with black felt as the background. With the use of the combination black filt and bright colors, the colors stood out even more. Around this artwork there was a gold looking wooden frame. This frame gave the artwork extra depth. Most, if not all, artworks where modelled by Joakim Lindstrup.

When looking at the Polyresin 3D artworks of Jie Art, you see several kinds of expressions. You have the ''emotional'' artworks with names like; ''Miss U''. With Mickey Mouse sitting on a suitcase with a thought balloon filled with the face of Minnie Mouse. The funny kind off artwork with names as; ''The world upside down''. Depicting a Goofy standing upside down with a smile. The more modern popart artwork with names like; ''Mickey Art''. Depicting the Mickey Mouse face in bright colors, reminding us of the works of Andy Warhol.

Next to these unique Polyresin artworks, Jie Art also produced Walt Disney lamps. Lamps with titles as; ''Minnie Steel'', ''Mickey Steel'' and ''Goofy Steel''. These lamps where made from stainless steel. On top of the stainless steel artwork there is a spotlight. This spotlight lights up the artwork. A magnificent combination of art with function.

Finding a Jie Art Walt Disney artwork is a rare thing, but when you find one you know; This artwork was made with love.


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