Walt Disney sculptures designed by Stefan Toth

Updated: Feb 24

In the 80's Stefan Toth designed several products for the Walt Disney compagny. Among other statues that are these days among the rarest and most coveted of Walt Disney collectibles. These statues where mainly produced from Polyester. In another blog we will elaborate on the material types. Stefan Toth is a German artist.

A well known statue among collectors is the big statue of Mickey Mouse as the ''Sorcerer's apprentice'' from the Walt Disney classic movie; Fantasia. This statue is signed by the artist under his feet by Stoth. This is why a lot of people think the artist is someone named Stoth. If you look closely you can see it is S Toth.

A list of some of the statues designed by Stefan Toth:

* Clarabella Cow ''Clarabelle's Crescendo''

* Goofy ''Goofy Grace Notes''

* Mickey Mouse ''Maestro Michel Mouse''

* Donald Duck ''Donalds Drumbeat''

These four together are a set based on the Walt Disney classic movie; Symphony hour. We have described this in detail in another blog.

Other big statues are:

Goofy ''Golfer'' umbrella holder

Donald ''Ski''

Goofy ''Ski jumper''

Donald ''Golfer''

Donald ''Umbrella''

Donald ''Traveling Suitcase''

Mickey ''Fantasia''

Scrooge McDuck ''Holding a Suitcase full of money''

Some of these statues where produced again in the 90's. This time from Polyresin.

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