Symphony Hour ''store displays''

Updated: Feb 24

Symphony Hour - The movie

Symphony Hour is a short film, made by Walt Disney. This film was produced in 1942 and is one of the many Disney Classics. In this movie Mickey Mouse conducts a orchestra. This orchestra performs; Light Cavalry Overture.

The big figurines

Between 1992 and 1996 Walt Disney Classic Collection (WDCC) created a handmade, porcelain set of the characters from the Walt Disney movie; Symphony hour. This set consisted out of:

* Sylvester Macarony as ''Sylvester Macaroni''

* Mickey Mouse as ''Maestro Michel Mouse''

* Goofy as ''Goofy's Grace Notes''

* Clarabelle Cow as ''Clarabelle's Crescendo''

* Horace Horsecollar as ''Horace's High Notes''

* Clara Cluck as ''Bravo Bravissimo''

* Donald Duck as ''Donald's Drum Breat''

* Opening tittle scroll

For a long time many collectors of Walt Disney big figurines thought that the big statues of this set where so called ''store display'' statues. With other words; Statues that where only produced for stores to promote the WDCC line.

After a lot of research we found out that this is not the case. These big statues where produced for regulair sales to customers, just like the WDCC statues. The artist behind these statues is Stefan Toth. He designed these incredible populair statues. In another blog we will get back to this particular sculpturist and his works for Walt Disney.

The set consist of four statues;

* Mickey Mouse as ''Maestro Michel Mouse''

* Goofy as ''Goofy's Grace Notes''

* Clara Cluck as ''Clarabelle's Crescendo''

* Donald Duck as ''Donald's Drum Breat''

To get the entire set big statues complete is a big challenge. One statue is even more rare then the other. And we know a lot of collectors who still have not found them all. To complete your set, the 3D painting is a excellent addition. This one is produced in 2001 in limited edition. The artist behind this was Kazama. We will get back to this particular artist and his works for Walt Disney in another blog.

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