In 1942 Walt Disney created the Walt Disney classic cartoon; Bambi. The story originated from S. Fischer. Fischer, who wrote the story in 1921 in Berlin. 


In 1928 the story came to the United States. It was Felix Salten who did the translation of this story that would inspire Walt Disney. There where two prints from the hand of Felix Salten. The first edition for the public. This edition came in the first print with 75,000 copies. Before releasing the first edition to the public there was a advanced edition for The inner sanctum. None of these advanced editions where for sale. Only a 1,000 copies where published for the Inner sanctum.


Now almost 100 years later Precious Collectibles has this advanced edition in store. Next to the high quality of this magnificent book, we also present the book cover that came with the book. As an added bonus we also present the leaflet that came with the book. This leaflet contains some data and opinions of Bambi, which are very interesting. We are proud to say that his book is more then complete and almost a impossible find. This is a real treasure. 


We have visited a specialist in antique books. He has checked this book for its authenticity and quality. The book is authentic and the quality is more then excellent.


Enjoy the original story of Bambi, with magnificant artwork in the book. Find out how close the movie is to the book. 

Bambi first edition United States

  • S. Fischer

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