Approximately late 90's Demons and Merveilles produced, in license of Walt Disney, a unique line of cartoon characters as a candle holder. Not only characters from Walt Disney but also from Tex Avery, Looney Tunes and more. The fact that there is a same style of cartoon characters from different brands, combined by one in license of all these brands in this size and style is rather unique. For once you can put for example Wolf next to Donald next to the Tweety and have the same style with different chartoon characters.


Daisy Duck is angry with Donald Duck. She has driven Donald in the tree with her rolling pin. Comes with the original box. A magnificent candle stand.


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Donald and Daisy Duck candle stand

  • Demons and Merveilles in license of Walt Disney


    Pictures are from our own stock. The statue on sale is the same or better quality as the statue from the stock pictures.

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