Late 90's early 00's Walt Disney produced a unique line of Disney statues. This line is unique among other things because of the variety of statues hat belongs in this line, the size of the statues and the story behind the statues. 


The statues represent the fabulous five with Scrooge McDuck gardening. You have seperate statues of Mickey, Minnie and Pluto digging up plants, Donald mowing the lawn, Donald pulling weeds, Goofy planting plants, Scrooge digging up treasure. And after a hard day of work you have statues who represent resting. Minnie on the swing, Mickey eating a apple, Goofy resting on a bench, Pluto digging up a bone, Donald resting in his hammock and Scrooge reading a book. And if the set is not big enough you also have Mickey rowing a boat, Goofy fishing and Mickey using a wheelbarrow. Do not underestime this extensive set of statues. The statues are often big (Donald mowing the lawn is about 100 centimeters long) and a lot of them are a few kilograms in weight. 


This statue shows Goofy planting a sun flower. A very calm Goofy.

Goofy gardening statue

SKU: 981
  • Heissner AG in license of Walt Disney

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