A unique and vintage set of enamel tableware from Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse on the most well know cartoon characters in the world and in the history of cartoons deserves his own merchandise. For every collector and lover of Mickey Mouse and/or tableware this is a must have. 


This very complete set of tableware of Mickey Mouse consist out of; Coffee/tea pot: 12 cm diameter, 21 cm high and 20 cm wide.Sugar pot: 10 cm diameter, 8 cm high , 12 cm wide.Milk jug: 10 cm diameter, 12 cm high and 12 cm wide.Cups: 7 cm diameter, 4,5 cm high and 8 cm wide.Saucers: 12 cm diameter and 1 cm thick.Service tray: 32 cm diameter and 3 cm thick.

Mickey Mouse enamel tableware

SKU: 631
  • Demons and Merveilles in license of Walt Disney


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