This impressive statue of Scrooge Mcduck, also know as Uncle Scrooge, is a great representation of Scrooge Mcduck. The suitcase full of money expresses his wealth. While his happy posture symbolizes his satisfaction. One of the most recognizable characters of Walt Disney. In a way Scrooge Mcduck is the biggest collector in the world and he started with a (lucky) dime.


A lot of collectors know there are three different sizes of this statue; Big, middle and small. But there are actually four different sizes and two versions of this statue of Uncle Scrooge. XXL, XL, Medium and Small. These four are produced late 80's early 90's from Polyester. In the late 90's the re produced the small version in Polyresin. This is the XXL version from this statue.


Scrooge McDuck XXL statue

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  • Walt Disney

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