''I tawt i taw a puddy tat'' is how most of these iconic Looney Tunes cartoons start when Sylvester and Tweety are lead characters. Tweety (the yellow canary) spots Sylvester (a black and white cat).  ''I did, i did taw a puddy cat''. This is the moment the hunt for the little yellow bird by the big cat starts. And most of the times Sylvester does not get Tweety. In This case Sylvester finally caught Tweety. And it looks like sylvester got caught doing it. He is trying to look innocent with a halo above his head. But you can see the feathers of Tweety flutter. This is a amazing image on a old school metal alarm clock.

Sylvester alarm clock

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  • Demons and Merveilles in license of Warner Bros

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