This incredible statue of Yosemite Sam holding his gun This incredible statue of Tweety and Sylvester is sculpted by Peter Mook. Because of his incredible eye for detail and skillset known worldwide Peter Mook is responsible for some of the most coveted statues by Looney Tunes collectors. Over time these statues have become extremely rare. In these sculptures Peter Mook has managed to capture the identity and emotions of our favorite Looney Tunes characters. A lot of people also recognize a part of their selves in these statues. The high quality and fine workmanship makes these statues not only populair by collectors, but also by non-collectors.


These statues where distrubited by Fingendi and later by Rutten B.V.. They stopped production when the licensing got to expensive. This distributor was responsible for a lot of collectibles besides Looney Tunes.

Yosemite Sam holding a gun

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  • Rutten in license of Warner Bros

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