At Precious Collectibles we aspire to be more than 'just' a shop


We all have our wishes. Because of this we have added a wishlist feature to our webshop. Just check out the product you wish to buy. Next to the ''Add to shopping cart button''is a small heart button. Press this button and the item is added to your personal wishlist.

Collection service

Sometimes it is hard to get that one precious collection. This can be, because you do not know where to start. Or where to go next. We can help you with this. 


Do you wish to know something about one of the items in our shop? Please contact us. We will give you the information you need/wish.


At Precious Collectibles we offer professional restauration. You can read all about this in the article at our BLOGContact us for the options.

Search and find

Are you looking for something special? Don't we have it on our website? Please contact us. We will look with/for you. Often we have what you are looking for. If not, we can find most items within a couple of days/weeks. 

Gift (wrapping) service(s)

Looking for the perfect collectors gift? When you contact us we can help you. Did you find the perfect gift? Please contact us. At extra costs we will gift wrap it for you. Cost depend on the product. A gift certificate is possible.

Express shipment

This is possible and highly recommended. The package is not only

faster at your adress, but this is also safer. Standard shipping can take

up to four weeks. Express shipment a couple of working days. There are

extra costs for express shipment. Contact us for a estimate.

Anything else?

Just ask. We do not only sell Walt Disney, Looney Tunes and Tex avery collectibles. We also sell King Feature collectibles like Betty Boop and Popeye. And we know our way in the collectibles world.