When you purchased your newest precious collectible you might ask; How do i know it arrives safely?

Almost everything in our store is fragile. So we take shipping very serious. We have shipped several thousand fragile items the last couple of years. So we know what we are talking about.

As stated in the ''norms and values'' section we think about the impact on the environment. This means we re-use as much as possible. This means boxes and packaging materials. This only when suited for shipping. If not we bring it to the recycle point.

A box has to be firm. It needs to be able to handle drops up to 2 meter. About 99% of the distrubition these days is automated. And this goes with huge speeds and forces. A sticker with ''FRAGILE'' it is only good for about 1% off the road. And even then we need to hope that this sticker will be respected. Better safe than sorry and use the most sturdy of boxes

We always find the best matching size box for your latest purchase. Sometimes this means you will get a relative big box for your item. We are very careful not to use to small boxes. Better safe then sorry.

The extra room in a box has to be filled. This so the item has enough protection for the falls. As filling we (re)use several kinds off materials. Always chosen for the item that is being shipped. 

Re-using items as packaging materials is good for the enviroment. But also for your wallet. Packaging material is expensive. So we keep the shipping cost lower for you this way. Downside is that this (for example old flyers) does not always look ''pretty''. So if you choose to send an item directly to a person as a gift please contact us. So we can consult with you about the packaging material. 

With every precaution we can guarantee for 99.999 procent sure you will be happy when you open the box. There it is; your newest collectible! But there is no 100% guarantee. Boxes get lost, get kicked, anything can happen. I know, i've worked in several distrubition centra when i was a teenager.

If there is damage contact us within 24 hours of delivery. We will solve this with you!


If you have any questions, please contact us. We are here for you. Buy your newest Walt Disney, Looney Tunes, Tex Avery collectibles with confidence. 

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